Who Am I?

So who am I and why another blog about parenting?

Well I am nearly 40 and live in Sussex, England with my beautiful Wife, two cats and soon to be baby!

I work in IT, I play the drums in the worship team of my local Church as well as leading a small group for the church. I love most things sci-fi, love music, cinema and theatre. Just an ordinary man who is soon to become a dad.

So why Blog about Fatherhood?

I already have another blog HERE and have been blogging for several years about my life, my faith and Christianity in general. However I wanted this to be a separate blog dedicated to all things parenting in nature and specifically on Fatherhood. There are huge amounts of blogs from mothers and about mothering but fewer it seems about being a Father.

What is the aim of this Blog?

To write an honest story of what it is like to be a new father, how I feel, what I have learnt both in what I have done well and not so well. To try and link how my faith affects the way I approach fatherhood. In the hope that someone finds it interesting and helpful.