Friday, May 6, 2011

My Beautiful Little Girl

Introducing Anya



Gosh doesn't four months go by very fast. Anya was born at the beginning of January 2011. She was born naturally with very little intervention.

We had a few ups and downs with her losing 13% weight in the first week so we had one visit back to hospital for that. Since then though she has gained weight steadily and is over 12 and a half pounds at 8 weeks.

I had three weeks off from her birth which was so good to have. As new parents we frankly found it a major shock to be left with a little person to look after not having a clue how to do it.

Everyone told us 'the first six weeks are the worst and then it gets better'. They weren't wrong either. How anyone deals with a baby when they already have another baby or toddler I don't know. That was the most challenging six weeks I have ever had. With the sleep deprivation and the not having a clue what to do it was so stressful.

New Normality

We are now in a better place and people were right because after 6-weeks it does get better. We still don't really know what we are doing but are getting better sleep amounts.

She slept through quite early on for which are truly grateful. We are now in a routine of bed by 7, bottle at 10:00pm and then she normally sleeps anywhere from 5 to 7 am. Getting this was such a breakthrough and it only really came about when we put her in her own bed at 11 1/2 weeks. She had really outgrown her Moses basket anyway.

She is a eager feeder and was on 7oz bottles after about 7 weeks and we only put up her evening and morning bottles to 8oz when she slept in her own bed. Admittedly to help her sleep through better.

So we have routine and sleep and our evenings more or less back. This is our new normality!


The thing that makes all the stress of the first few weeks become worthwhile is the first time you get a proper smile or little cooing sound from your baby. It absolutely melted my heart when she first did it, I almost cried. Her cute little coo just makes me well up.

Now she is nearly 18 weeks she is much more interactive and you can have lots of fun playing with her.

She babbles away to her self and loves blowing bubbles. I think she may be quite talkative when she finally starts really talking.

There is also nothing quite like going into her room first thing in the morning when she has woken up and seeing her respond with a smile to you when she sees you.

Emotional Journey

What I didn't anticipate was the huge range of emotions that you go through as a new parent. You are so tired to start with that everything seems like a mountain. It is only after those 6 weeks that you start to realise where you are emotionally. You suddenly realise the huge love you have for this little person and that you would do anything to protect them and keep them safe. The level of anxiety you feel when you think there is something wrong with them is just astronomical. I have never been a huge worrier but find myself sometimes obsessing over the slightest thing.

The other big challenge is not having any time for yourself and you realise how selfish you have become living as just a couple. All the little things you used to just go and do now have to be planned around the baby. Simple pleasures like reading, watching telly, eating together, surfing the web become difficult to fit in. When you do get time to do them I find I am too tired to read etc...

There is so much more to say and I hope to be more frequent on updating this blog now I have a little more time. There is so much to learn being a parent and it is truly exciting and wonderful to be given the privilege of being her Daddy!

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