Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Any Day Now!

Haven’t posted for a while as been rather busy with work and other obvious preparations. We are within two weeks of the due date now so everything seems to be revolving around waiting.

The Babies room is complete, we have what we need to begin with clothes and stuff wise. Now we just need the baby to arrive safely.

I am working arounf 45 minutes from home currently so every time my phone rings my heart jumps, ‘is this THE call?’ My wife keeps telling me it shouldn’t be sudden like that but you never know. Plus we have a 45 minute drive to the hospital if it isn’t rush hour or potentially considerably longer if it is.

Am I excited? Am I terrified? A little bit of both I think. It is difficult to prepare for something so huge if you have not experienced it before.

The health visitor has been today. Now we have even more information to read and digest and of course we have the ‘Red Book’.

Gosh this baby stuff is all very overwhelming and we haven’t even got them yet.

My next post will hopefully have some good news.

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