Sunday, October 3, 2010

Antenatal Class…. Done!

We reached, what to me anyway, is a milestone this week. We had our Antenatal Class. Where we live this is done over a Saturday in a single shot rather than split over several evenings.

It was one of those awkward ‘lets put a load of strangers together and talk about some personal things’ type day. There were mostly couples there, with one exception, which was good to see. Maybe I expected less men to turn up. Anyway we all sat in a big semi circle and had to introduce ourselves and when our due date was and if we wanted the baby to come early or late. Since due date is 26th December I think I want the baby to arrive late so we can have our last Christmas together as just a couple and without having to travel anywhere etc…

Anyway the class itself was for me quite informative. I being a man, want to know all the information in advance so I know what to do, how to help and apparently crucially when to shut up. This I am told is important, because a woman in labour goes through a grumpy phase and at this point it is wise to say little except give encouragement. I could make an outrageous comment here but I won’t!

Overall I think it was very helpful for me. I cannot and would not speak for my lovely wife. The crucial thing for me is when is the correct time to drive the 45 minutes to the Hospital so that we don’t get sent home again? This was not altogether clear but should be fairly obvious. I am not convinced!

We had to sit through a couple of DVD’s as well which were frankly Horrific and laughable in that order. The first one clearly was an NHS hint to not have an Epidural and the second I simply cannot say because it is ridiculous.

I found the opening question of the whole day to be the funniest ‘How many of you think that giving birth will hurt’? Everyone puts their hand up! Then after trying to convince us that actually the body is designed to do this and pain is caused by the woman being stressed and creating hormones that go against the other hormones,or something like that. Apparently it is not pain it is ‘intensity’ at various levels. Then after trying to convince everyone she asked the question again and no one put their hand up. I guarantee everyone still thought it would flippin hurt, they were just too polite to say.

I think the hardest thing for me will be watching my wife enduring such ‘intensity’. Another part of the Fall I am not looking forward to experiencing.

So am I all prepared? Can you ever be?

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