Friday, September 3, 2010

Are you Ok in There?

Ok this is my first post on my new ‘Dad’ blog or whatever you want to call it. Our Baby is due around Boxing Day but I am sure they won’t arrive on that exact date. They never do……apparently! Likely later as this is our first.

This Sunday we will be 24 weeks and I believe what is termed ‘Viable’. The point at which for the medical profession, the baby becomes worth trying to save. I have a greatly different view to that but I am not going to start down that road just now.

We have had all our normal scans and extra ones at 6, 12, 20 and 22 weeks. One at 6 because of a referral by our doctor. An extra one at 22 weeks as our little one would not turn over so the person doing the scan could not get the spinal measurement at 20 weeks (I hope this is not a sign of things to come). This turned out to be good as we got some better pictures at 22 weeks and a confirmation of the gender. That will remain a closely guarded secret! Thankfully all scans came out as normal and no problems were identified that can show up at that stage. So introducing:

P1020308I find these scan pictures to be both incredible and frustrating. Incredible because they show my little baby, my own child, moving about in there, being ‘knit together in the mothers womb’ to use a biblical phrase from Psalm 139. It is a staggering miracle how a baby grows and we get to see some of that thanks to modern technology. Yet frustrating because I want to know more. I want more scans so I can see how they develop. I want to know what they look like etc… I am not naturally a patient person as you may have guessed. Something that I am sure will be worked on in my character.

Our baby is at the stage where they can now hear sound. They can hear my wife and I talking. I hope they get warm feelings from their parents. I wish I could know what is going on in there all the time and that they are ok. Is this parental worry kicking in even before they are born?

I guess it is normal and healthy to worry a bit about your child, even before they are born. I am not a great worrier about life in general, my faith keeps me from that. However here I find myself already having parental worry and being very protective of my lovely wife who is carrying our child. To her annoyance I worry about every ache and pain she has and expresses. Gosh what am I going to be like when they are born I wonder? If it is anything like I am with my little black cat called Oscar, then utterly terrible!

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